Our Dealer Partner Innovate delivered and installed Maars Living Walls for their client Welkakois. The office is located in the center of Israeli’s metropolitan Tel Aviv, with a breath-taking 360 degrees cityscape.

Maars Living Walls creates a unique landmark within this office design. Two transparent color glazed room-in-room solutions are designed as an integral part of the entrance’s space. Directly upon entering the offices, the architect chose to make a colorful design statement.

For this space, acoustical privacy was required. Acoustical performances were just as important as an aesthetically pleasing and unique design. Our double-glazed wall system Panorama achieved a 51 db/SCT value which ensures optimal acoustics.

All Maars solid and glazed wall systems are tested for sound values, therefore we can always provide official results which are often necessary for a project. Learn more about our acoustical solutions.

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