Walls that ensure flexibility for IWG Spaces Marseille

To meet any requirement of new tenants we delivered and installed modular solid and glass walls for IWG Spaces in Marseille.

In the attractive Prado district of Marseille, in front of the legendary Stade Vélodrome which is home to the emblematic Olympique de Marseille. Maars realized 3 floors of coworking building for the company Spaces (IWG Group).

Marseille, with its colossal investments in small businesses, its unique professional opportunities and its reputation of one of the best work-life balances in the world, the sunniest city in France is rising into an economic nerve center.

For this office we have installed Metaline walls as divider walls for the different offices. By installing a flexible solid partition wall the office spaces always remain flexible. This way the space can always be adjusted according to the tenants requirements. For all offices to remain its openness and transparency we installed Maars glass wall Horizon. Horizon is known for its minimalistic looks.

Both Metaline and Horizon are fully demoutable, or how we rather say: remountable.


Partition walls


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