From pilot to complete roll-out for Global Banking Organization

Discover this M923. Project for a Global Banking Organization, where Maars partnered directly with the architect, Design & Build contractor, and the local dealer for the brand. Maars was responsible for the way it looked and worked. The collaboration was primarily through the local dealer who acted as the main conduit.

A part of the project were Maars’ fire and stability reports, which were key to M923 being approved in the project. In this project we were able to influence at any stage: from concept to delivery. Together with all parties we decided on overall design, look, feel and finishes.

Screening system with minimal footprint

At the heart of the client’s demands was the need for a screening system with a minimal footprint. Our M923 system, only 80mm wide, perfectly met this requirement, providing a versatile solution without compromising on space.

Modular solution

For this client, we first did a pilot project. This was very successful, after which we rolled out M923 across the estate. In April 2023, the project reached its completion, showcasing Maars’ commitment to modularity. The complete project is component based, utilizing Maar’s systems which are cradle to cradle certified.


The client uses M923 to define space rather than using it as an interactive product, showcasing its adaptability and versatility. Maars is happy with the results and looks forward to more!

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