Vaccinopolis in Antwerp officially opened.

A new centre dedicated to vaccine studies and infectious disease research opened on Friday at the University of Antwerp’s Drie Eiken campus.

Called Vaccinopolis, the ultramodern centre aims to accelerate the development of vaccines and therapeutics by offering the possibility to observe participants after pathogen exposure for longer periods of time.

A multidisciplinary team with over 35 years of experience aims to contribute to the evaluation of candidate vaccines and commercialised vaccines against epidemic and endemic pathogens, the need for which was never more greatly highlighted than during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For this special project architects have chosen to create a warm ambience in the building. To ensure an open and transparent design Maars has installed the single glass partition Horizon. As doors a combination of minimalistic glass doors and flush glass doors with high performances was chosen. For a research centre like this hygiëne is super important therefor as solid walls we have installed Metaline with its steel panels.

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