Maars and proroomz collaborating to create a private cybersecurity workspace

Secuinfra is a leading provider of cyber security solutions. To reflect the goal of the company, Secuinfra wanted to create a workspace that fits well. Collaborating with Maars dealer council partner proroomz, they embarked on a project to create a workspace thas has high acoustical and privacy capabilities while also having a sleek design.

Maars Solutions Deployed

To meet Secuinfra’s demands, proroomz recommended the Panorama Slim partition walls combined with String² Slim and XL-Glass doors. These solutions provided the desired design while offering the acoustic capabilities that their clients expect. A special feature in this project is that the glass partition walls required a switchable privacy film, which is shown working in the pictures.

Challenges and Innovative Solutions:

To accomodate such a project there were several challenges to get through. This included accommodating height discrepancies between walls, integrating glass partitions with unique angles, and navigating logistical constraints. proroomz overcame these obstacles through innovative solutions. Customized glass cuts, precise angle adjustments, and specialized transportation tools ensured the seamless integration of Maars solutions into Secuinfra’s office space.

Completion and sustainability

The project was successfully completed in April 2023. The high modularity of Maars solutions allowed for easy rearrangement of the office layout, which has already been done once.

Through clever collaboration and innovative thinking, proroomz and Maars delivered tailored solutions that met Secuinfra’s standards for privacy. The project once again shows Maars’ and proroomz ability to provide customizable, high-performance solutions for unique client needs.

Pictures by Thorsten Heideck

Partition walls


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