NVM Utrecht

Sustainable head office with multiple training rooms

The Dutch Cooperative Association of Real Estate Agents and Appraisers (NVM) has left the city Nieuwegein and moved to business park Papendorp in Utrecht. Maars has created flexible office and training spaces with our Modulair Wall Solutions.

The design, by Heembouw Architecten, is cohesive with the green surroundings of Papendorp. A spacious atrium forms the connecting link between the offices and the training rooms for the Academy for Real Estate Employees. Both the offices and training rooms are based on a flexible design. With Maars’ modular solutions, the spaces are arranged in such a way that they can remain flexible at all times.

We installed Metaline to devide the spaces. Metaline is a modular wall system that is characterized by flexibility and performance. The walls can be reused without loss of quality, this way the spaces remain flexible. With our glass wall system Horizon, all spaces remain transparent.

Partition walls


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