Next level design for Dental Clinic Confidental

Design studio WL from Amsterdam took the design of this dental clinic in Amsterdam to a different level. Maars Living Walls contributes to the warm atmosphere and beautiful aesthetics you’re experiencing from the moment you step inside this clinic.

A huge eye catcher is the high sized Double Horizon wall surrounding the different spaces where treatment takes place. The high acoustic values that Double Horizon can offer, ensures acoustical privacy that is so important in a clinic like this.

Besides acoustical privacy, hygiene is just as important when it comes to dental clinics. All of the solid walls we have installed at Confidental, are finished with an antibacterial coating that ensures hygiene in the space.

The Confidental Clinics are a great example on how to use partition walls in a care and cure clinic. Walls that not only ensures privacy and hygiene but also gives the clinic the possibility to benefit from the flexibility and modularity of partition walls.

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