New Modern Cleanroom and Office for SPITS in Alkmaar

In 2021, we successfully completed the SPITS Cleanrooms project in Alkmaar. SPITS supports pharmacists by providing customized medication dispensing solutions. This project was realized in collaboration with our partners, total installer Kropman and Orbit Architects.

The client desired a new, modern building for their Alkmaar location, fully equipped with the latest facilities. This included a production facility with a 1000m² cleanroom for packaging purposes, a wholesale area, and logistics facilities.

Implemented Solutions:

For this project, we implemented various high-quality solutions, including:


  • String² solid steel walls with 5mm joint with dowcorning kit as a joint sealer:
    • Applied for optimal hygiene and durability.
  • Glass walls type String² bi-block with closed String² parapet and 5mm joint with dowcorning kit as a joint sealer:
    • Used in offices within the cleanroom for transparency and an open workspace.
  • Maars Flush Glass Doors in wall-thick version with interlock system:
    • Installed at strategic points such as machine passages for seamless integration.

In the offices:

  • Double-glazed Panorama glass walls
  • Solid Metaline100 steel walls
  • Alu-framed-glass doors

Client Wishes and Outcome

With the new building and our innovative approach, SPITS in Alkmaar is ready for the future and can serve their customers even better. Special attention has been given to acoustics (up to 44 dB) to ensure a comfortable and efficient working environment. By utilizing advanced materials and systems, we have created a state-of-the-art facility that meets the highest standards and perfectly aligns with the needs of our client.

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