New border control cabins for Vienna airport

The border control cabins at Vienna Airport needed to be replaced. The end customer set concrete user requirements and, above all, technical requirements which the new solution had to meet. The challenge was mainly a quickly set up system solutions which could be used flexibly in combination with a lot of high-quality glass. After all, the border control cabins are located in the passenger compartment, which means that requirements such as non-reflective and colorfast glass in both dark and artificial light are important for the end customer.

High demands on glass and cubes

We could easily meet the high requirements in terms of glass by using anti-reflective laminated safety glass. In addition, we deployed our CORE solution. In this way we can not only meet the high requirements, but also offer functionally high-quality workplaces. Flexibility in the solution was not the only flexibility that was required: the flexibility in terms of implementation was also put to the test, because the COREs were placed in different security zones.

In collaboration with rhtb

Together with rhtb projekt gmbh, one of our Austrian partners who was the main contractor in this project, we planned and successfully implemented the border control cabins at this Austrian airport down to the smallest detail. rhtb was in direct contact with the end customer, who carried out repeated inspections during assembly. In this way the quality was guaranteed and any problems could be solved immediately.

We are very happy with the collaboration with rhtb and the end result, which was delivered within the agreed time and budget.
Curious about the whole story? This can be found (in German) on the website of rhtb.

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