High School ‘Koning Willem 1’

Future-proof and modular wall solution for Koning Willem 1 College

Modern schools such as Koning Willem 1 College in the Den Bosch area are always on the move. These schools regularly review the layout of their building. Where in the past little material was reused, it was now time for a future-proof and modular solution. That’s why we chose our flexible String² walls: a real hyper flexible solution.

The Koning Willem 1 college has fifteen ROC locations in the regions of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Land van Cuijk, Meierijstad and Oss. More than 13,000 students study and 2,000 employees work at the eight different MBO educations. Students of the Koning Willem 1 college learn that there is one possible future: sustainable. This message must of course be reflected in the building.

In previous rearrangements little was reused, which was a great pity and no longer fits in the sustainable attitude of the school. That is why the new design paid a lot of attention to reuse and value retention. The easy and quick disassembly and reassembly of the walls is also very important. Other requirements had to do with sound insulation, fire resistance, safety and sustainability, which were extremely important.

String²: Flexible and easy to (re)build

By using our String² wall, we are extremely flexible and the building is easily adaptable. Due to different use of materials, but with the use of the same dimensions, the String² wall can be built and rebuilt in different ways. A sort of plug-and-play solution. Every Maars wall is easy to dismantle and more importantly to reassemble.

The hyper flexibility is mainly due to the construction of the wall. A String² wall can be built up in different elements. Here we have placed elements of glass and steel. With these elements you can build the wall in different ways. And because the same dimensions have been used throughout the building, the elements can be picked up and put back in a different place. Any height differences that arise, for example, due to the operation of the wooden construction, are absorbed in the wall system itself.

A school also asks for a solution that can take a punch. That is no problem for a Maars wall. In combination with the flexibility of the walls, rooms like this will easily last 20 – 30 years.

Watch the video for more details and the result!

Partition walls


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