Innovative working environment in transformed sustainable building

Step into the new premises of BDO Accountants and Advisors in Zwolle, located in the transformed office building The City Post. Here, an innovative hybrid working environment has been created that invites employees to come to the office and be inspired. Meeting, sharing knowledge, inspiring, and motivating are central in this dynamic environment.


With thoughtful spaces designed to promote collaboration and creativity, this location offers an optimal setting for both formal meetings and informal gatherings. By combining flexible workspaces, state-of-the-art technology, and inspiring communal areas, an environment is created in which employees can thrive and unleash their full potential.
BDO Zwolle encourages a new way of working, combining the benefits of personal interaction with the flexibility of remote work.
It is a place where ideas are born, collaborations are strengthened, and successes are celebrated.
For this project, wall types Double Horizon ML-100 Panorama String 2 (Panorama double glazing + flush glass doors) were used, supplemented with Metaline String 2, resulting in a spatial, transparent appearance where ideas are born, collaborations are strengthened, and successes are celebrated, combined with panoramic double glazing and flush glass doors, supplemented with Metaline String 2.

Collaboration with successful outcome

The collaboration between Maars and BDO proceeded smoothly and constructively. Maars actively contributed ideas about the possibilities and ensured the correct execution, planning, and quality. This included integrating the walls around technical elements and concrete beams, while maintaining high acoustic performance.
Sustainability and modularity were central to the design. Sustainable materials were chosen, along with a thoughtful, flexible interior that aligns with BDO’s hybrid working approach. The result is a timeless, functional working environment that won’t require major adaptations in the coming years. The project was successfully completed and inaugurated in August 2023, providing BDO Accountants with an inspiring and efficient workspace.

Welcome to the future of working at BDO Zwolle.

Design: M+R interior architecture bna bni
Photographer: Herman de Winter

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