Impressive lineaCube installation

A high-end and impressive boardroam as the center of an enormous industrial hall? Where transparency is key without the need to compromise on acoustic performances? Challenge accepted for our dealer partner DiPa partition walls.

Maars most innovative solutions lineaCube was up for the taks. On behalf of Cassonade Project Design, DiPa installed the lineaCube for ICE Robotics. ICE Robotics is specialized in robotica for the maintenance industrie.

This eyecatcher ensures private conversations or meetings while remaining a transparent view on the showroom and warehouse. The cube has three sides of glass partitions with high acoustic performances and a solid partition on one side where you can hang your presentation screen.

In a space, used for meetings acoustics are important. To create optimal acoustics a perforated ceiling was integrated. Another important feature of the lineaCube are the integrated ventilations. In this cube there is ventilation added on three different places.


Partition walls

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