Herman Miller Flagship New York.

M923. Shines in Herman Miller Flagship New York.

The Herman Miller Flagship in New York: Many choices, One Home. For the first time in history, the variety and versatility of Herman Millers total offering to customers has come together in a single location.

On seven different floors you find many family brands, Maars Living Walls as one of them. On the 2nd and 5th floor we have installed Maars Living Walls to ensure privacy.

We have installed the M923. on the 2nd floor where you can find the Herman Miller Showroom. The M923. creates space divisions and gives an unique ambiance to the space.

On the 5th floor we have created more private and quiet meeting spaces without visual obstructions. The double glazed system lalinea ensures that people have a comfortable space to retreat within an open showroom. The lineaCube serves as the 5th floors meeting room and also has a media wall with integrated TV for presentations.

Partition walls

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