A space, always in motion requires flexible walls. Every Maars wall is easy to disassemble and more important to reassemble. For this project the architect created a hyper flexible design.

Performances such as sound insulation, fire resistance and safety are just as important for this school. Flexibility and Performances comes together in our multi-functional wall system String2.

With String2 you can configurate the wall in various ways with different elements. For this school we have installed glass and steel elements. On every floor, throughout the entire building, each element has the same dimension. This way you can easily de- and remount the elements.

A school also requires a solution that can take a beat. For steel wall partitions by Maars Living Walls is that no problem at all. In combination with the flexibility Maars Living Walls offers, spaces like this can easily last 20 – 30 years.

Partition walls