Living Walls

We are no ordinary walls

‘We are no ordinary modular walls. We are alive. We inspire with dynamic colours, we warm you up or give you goose bumps. We change our appearance.We produce the most beautiful sounds. We arouse your imagination and stimulate achievements. Discover us. Hear us. Feel us.

A symbol for a wealth of possibilities

‘At Maars there is still a growing fascination for the great influence that the environment can have on people. More and more is becoming known about the inspiring effect of the space in which people live and work.

Can a room in the hospital contribute to recovery? Can partition walls influence positive thinking or improve student performance in schools? Maars wants to know and experience all these things. Living Walls is also a symbol for a wealth of possibilities offered by the partition wall concepts to make you feel at one with your surroundings and get the best out of you. This is achieved by sophisticated integration of acoustics, air, light, sound, colour and images into the walls.

The living walls live with you

By using the latest technologies, innovative concepts are being developed that create an environment which inspires, makes you perform better and feel safe. Maars created a colour palette called Healing Colours for use in healthcare, which has been proven to contribute to recovery. The Living Walls live with you and create exactly the environment that you need. Here we look at the use of colour, shape and materials. Whatever your needs. Maars follows the latest trends and knows how to make them specifically applicable in this industry.

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