Our newest wall system M923. is certified with the Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate. All of our glazed partition systems also have been rewarded with a Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate.

Sustainability is an important topic within Maars. Maars Partition systems are designed to repair, reuse and remake. With these key elements Partition Walls contribute to a circular economy. Our walls are known for its flexibility, we can easily reuse the wall system to create a different design.

The past months we have worked on our Cradle to Cradle certification. For our glazed walls systems and M923. we were aiming for a Cradle to Cradle silver certificate. For our steel walls we aimed on bronze.

We had a very positive assessment. We proudly announce that this has resulted in a Cradle to Cradle silver certificate for our glazed partition walls and M923. wall system and a bronze certificate for our steel partition walls.


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