Why you should choose an office pod

Designing an office space can be tricky. Optimum office designs cater to several requirements, which is why a custom approach is necessary. Maars Living Walls developed Halo as an advanced solution for contemporary workspaces. We are happy to explain how this office pod offers an integrated solution to contemporary office needs.


The unique benefits of the Halo office pod

The Halo office pod offers countless options for any office design. Our Halo’s unique design is founded on 3 pillars, namely unrivalled acoustics, configurable options, and modular construction. Thanks to the combination of these 3 advantages, the Halo multi-purpose office pod meets a wide range of needs, such as endless adaptability and improved employee well-being.

Unrivalled acoustics

Noise pollution is a known issue in open-plan offices and may impact productivity. The Halo office pod offers a solution to this problem with its double-sided acoustic design, blocking noise both ways, so both outside-in and inside-out. With its ISO 23351-1A+ classification for acoustic performance, the Halo office pod offers superior sound insulation for increased focus and quiet. This also makes it the perfect place for phone calls, short meetings, or focused work.

Configurable options

The Halo office pod offers endless design configurations, ensuring you can adapt the materials, colour, and finish to your specific needs. While glass walls offer transparency, closed walls are your guarantee for added privacy. Various finishes, including fabric or whiteboards, are available. Moreover, the Halo is available as a 1-person office pod, but our range also includes the Halo 2 for 1 to 2 people and the Halo 4 which can accommodate up to 4 people. As a result, the Halo office pod is eminently suited as a quiet workspace for 1, as well as a meeting space for small groups. Use the Halo configurator to adapt your Halo to your own requirements, ensuring it seamlessly blends into any office design.

Different wall options Halo

Modular construction

Another design feature of Halo is its modularity. Halo’s modular construction provides a response to changing office needs. Thanks to the prefabricated cassette system, it is easy and quick to install and can be extended or adapted. Halo 1’s configuration, for example, can be easily adapted and extended into a Halo 2 or Halo 4. Moreover, Halo is made of 100% reusable elements, contributing to environmentally-friendly and flexible office solutions.

Step into the world of Halo!

Step into the world of Halo and discover its features, including unrivalled acoustics, configurability, and modular construction for creating optimal office solutions. Get in touch with our specialists for further information. They are happy to give expert advice and answer all your questions.

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