The effect of a meeting booth: privacy in the workplace

At a time when open-plan offices and collaborative workspaces are all the rage, privacy in the workplace is becoming increasingly scarce. Striking the right balance between collaboration and the need for confidentiality and concentration is a challenge for many organisations. Meeting rooms offer an aesthetic and practical answer to this problem. In this blogpost, we discuss the value of privacy in the workplace and how meeting rooms play a crucial part in this.

Privacy in the workplace

Privacy in the workplace is essential for various activities. From deeply concentrated individual work to confidential conversations, the need for a separate, private space is clear. Privacy contributes to employees’ mental well-being, reduces stress, and boosts productivity. That is where meeting booths, or office pods, come in. In this blogpost, you find out how this workspace ensures privacy in the workplace in different situations.

Confidential conversations

Confidential conversations require an environment in which participants can communicate openly and honestly. A meeting booth with excellent acoustic properties ensures that what happens inside the booth stays in the booth, regardless of how busy the rest of the office is.

Meetings and phone calls

Having a meeting or taking a call in an open-plan office often disturbs the concentration of co-workers. Meeting booths offer a flexible solution, giving employees access to a quiet space when they need it, ensuring optimum privacy, and reducing noise pollution in the workplace.

Our office pods come in different sizes, so you can also meet with several people. At Maars Living Walls, you can choose between the Halo office pod for 1, 2 or 4 people. With the lineaCube and Core, you can build room-in-rooms so larger groups can hold meetings in the workplace.

Discretion guaranteed

Discretion is paramount when working on sensitive or secret projects. That is the only way you can ensure that information is shared with the people who should have access to it. Meeting booths or office pods provide a safe space where teams can work on such projects without having to worry about who is listening or looking on.

Voorbeeld modulaire Halo office pod

More information about office pods?

Privacy in the workplace is a complex issue, but with the right solutions you can create a working environment that promotes openness and collaboration as well as privacy and concentration.

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