The difference between a phone booth and the Halo office pod

Phone booths are now an indispensable addition to any modern working environment, as a quiet workspace for an important phone call or video meeting, or when you want to get away from the noise of an open-plan office. Maars’ Halo office pod is just the right solution, but it’s worth remembering that there is a major difference between a phone booth and our Halo office pod. We explain the main differences below.

The Halo office pod

First, let’s start by looking at the differences between Maars’ Halo office pod and conventional phone booths. The office pod is a compact workstation pod that was specifically designed for this purpose. Noise from outside is insulated, ensuring the user’s privacy.

These small, fully configurable workstations are ideal for busy offices where making a phone call or meeting without disruption can be quite difficult. Maars understands the importance of privacy and optimal acoustics, which is why we have created a wide range of office solutions for this exact purpose.

The phone booth

A phone booth, phone pod, or phone hood is often a standardised model that is used as a workstation pod in office spaces. These office phone booths are used as quiet rooms, to ensure privacy and for confidential calls and conversations.

The differences between the Halo office pod and the phone booth

Although our office pod and an office phone booth are very similar, there are several notable differences:

Endless configurations

Unlike a conventional phone booth, the Halo offers endless possibilities for customisation with the handy Halo configurator. Because every feature of our pod can be configured, you can create a workstation that ticks all your boxes. Choose from different wall finishes, such as glass walls for transparency or closed walls for additional privacy. The Halo’s interior dimensions have been optimised for maximum comfort and spaciousness, despite its compact size.

You decide how many people your Halo can accommodate. Whether you need a single-person pod for your office or a pod for several people, the Halo’s modularity means it can be efficiently expanded to a 2- or 4-person pod.

Fully modular and reusable

Unlike office phone booths, which are often a fixed solution that cannot be adapted,  the Halo office pod is a sustainable and circular choice. The modular pod will definitely enhance the sustainability of any project. The Halo is also made of 100% reusable elements and Cradle to Cradle certified steel and glass, providing you with an optimal eco-friendly working environment.

No outside noise

Conventional phone booths are designed to block sound from inside to outside, ensuring confidential conversations remain confidential. However, the Halo office pod works both ways, blocking noise from inside the pod, while also reducing any outside noise, allowing you to concentrate on what you are doing! With an acoustic class A+ performance rating according to ISO 23351-1, you are guaranteed optimum sound insulation.

Easy to install

The Halo office pod is a unique concept that can be adapted to any working environment. With its high-end design and unrivalled acoustic performance, Halo creates an oasis of calm in any busy office. The high-end workstation pod is quick and easy to install thanks to the pre-fabricated cassette system. In addition, Halo is a flexible, moveable office solution, with a configuration that can be easily customised, even after installation. Perfect for when you are mulling a new layout for your working environment.

Different wall options Halo

Want to know more?

Do you still have questions after our explanation or are you curious about all the possibilities of our Halo? Use the configurator to discover for yourself how this flexible solution can blend in seamlessly into any working environment or contact our specialists. We are happy to help!

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