The 5 benefits of sustainably making use of partition walls

It’s no secret that we produce sustainable partition walls at Maars, making every effort to further optimise this design feature. However, we realise that our customers are not always sure about how to use them sustainably in their office design. Nor do they know which benefits they can have. Besides maximising their efficiency, many organisations also aspire to reduce their carbon footprint. We are happy to discuss wit you how you can make sustainable use of partition walls in your interior.


1. Flexibility and adaptability

The Maars partition walls are extremely adaptable. They are easy to dismantle, adapt, and reinstall, using the existing components. As such, they respond to changing needs without requiring new materials. The redesign of your office landscapes, flexible workspaces and meeting rooms has never been easier. Do you need new components for your office re-design? We are happy to supply them. The modularity of our partition walls helps reduce waste, save money, and promote a sustainable office design.


2. Energy efficiency and insulation

The sustainable use of partition walls also contributes to energy-efficient workspaces with optimal insulation. The partition walls offer superb acoustics because of the soundproof insulation, in addition to excellent thermal insulation. This guarantees constant, pleasant temperatures and less need for heating and air conditioning, saving you money and energy.

3. A healthy indoor climate

You can also incorporate high-quality ventilation systems in the partition walls for a healthy indoor climate. This optimises ventilation and air flow, improving air quality and creating a pleasant working environment that is conducive to productivity and promotes employee well-being.


4. A long lifetime

Our partition walls are designed to be used for a long time. Quality is one of their defining features, meaning their lifetime is almost endless. Replacing individual components or entire walls is thus only necessary when you are making changes as a result of a renovation or a move. This makes our partition walls even more sustainable. What’s more, they are easy to maintain, which also benefits their lifetime.

5. Recyclable

Many of the materials we use for the development of our partition walls are fully recyclable. As a result, we need fewer new resources to produce new partition walls. The flexibility of our partition walls is another contributing factor, further reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a circular economy.


Ready for a more sustainable interior?

Do you want to experience the benefits of a more environmentally-friendly interior with partition walls yourself? Are you curious to hear more about all the future-proof options? Maars Living Walls is at your service. Contact us so that our specialists can answer any questions you have.

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