Optimise productivity with office pods

In today’s working environment, productivity is key. Every organisation strives to maximise the output of its employees, while maintaining a high level of employee well-being. But how do you strike the right balance between productivity and a healthy, stimulating office environment?

Productivity in the workplace

Productivity in the workplace relates to the effectiveness and efficiency of all the employees in the office. The higher the productivity, the more qualitative work employees will perform within a given time. But productivity hinges on several factors, which is why they deserve your attention.

You need to create an environment where employees can concentrate, be creative, and work together efficiently. Everything starts with a good office layout. We are happy to explain which factors optimise productivity and how office pods can contribute to this.

Sound insulation

Noise in open-plan offices can be a major hindrance for employees’ concentration. Loud phone calls, colleagues discussing a specific issue, and even music are all known disruptors. This can be distracting and undermine concentration, resulting in lower productivity. An office pod like our Halo is just the solution you need. With its superior sound insulation, any outside noise is effectively dampened, creating a quiet workplace where you can work undisturbed and concentrate on what you are doing. The pod is also very useful for employees who need to make a lot of phone calls, offering co-workers some peace and quiet.


Privacy is essential when making confidential (telephone) calls or working on projects where secrecy is paramount. To ensure you have the privacy you need, you need to find a closed space, away from the open-plan office. With the office pod’s optimal sound insulation, sound stays where it should, namely in the Halo. You can enjoy even more privacy by choosing a pod with several closed walls. All this is possible thanks to the endless configuration options.

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Healthy indoor climate

Good ventilation is also an important factor in the workplace. A healthy indoor climate keeps employees healthy, avoiding possible unpleasant consequences of poor ventilation, such as concentration problems or even health issues. The office pods have excellent ventilation, ensure consistent optimal air quality, even though these are relatively small spaces.

Sufficient places to meet in the workplace

In busy office environments, finding a quiet place for a meetings can often be quite challenging and take an inordinate amount of time. A larger-sized office pod ensures that there is always a place to meet. The Halo office pod can be expanded to accommodate 2 or even 4 people, thanks to one of its key features, its modularity. Looking for larger meeting rooms? That is where the Core or the lineaCube come in.

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Want to know more about optimising productivity in the workplace?

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