A cleanroom is like a made-to-measure suit

Cleanrooms are always unique because they are completely customised. Maars likes to make the comparison with a made-to-measure suit. Why? We are happy to explain.

Why the comparison to a made-to-measure suit?

Cleanliness plays a crucial role in the world of high-tech, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. This is where cleanrooms come in: essential spaces where the smallest details make the biggest difference. We like to compare these specially designed environments, which minimise contamination such as dust, micro-organisms and aerosol particles, to a made-to-measure suit. Much like a made-to-measure suit that is customised specifically for the wearer, cleanrooms are customised for their specific applications. This comparison highlights not only the uniqueness but also the exclusivity of cleanrooms.

The uniqueness of a cleanroom

But what makes a cleanroom so special? Much like made-to-measure in the fashion world, each cleanroom requires a unique approach. The requirements vary enormously depending on the sector and purpose of the cleanroom. In high-tech sectors such as microelectronics, cleanrooms protect sensitive equipment and products from contamination. Biotechnology requires strict control over factors such as temperature, humidity, air pressure and particulate contamination. And in pharmaceuticals, cleanrooms must meet strict production requirements and hygiene standards. But these are by no means all the sectors in which cleanrooms are important. They have also proven useful in other sectors, such as healthcare, foodstuffs and sustainability.

Cleanroom van Maars met focus op de wanden

What are the options for cleanrooms?

Body shape and specific needs are taken into account when fitting a made-to-measure suit. The same applies when developing a cleanroom: all the requirements and purposes of the cleanroom as well as the intended location are taken into account. These factors mean that each cleanroom has unique characteristics, including air pressure, airflow and air purity. Other factors to consider are the size of the cleanroom, the number of compartments needed and various integrations, such as pass-through cabinets and electrical and switchgear.

Binnenkant van een cleanroom met werkopstellingen

'Fitting' the cleanroom

The development of a customised cleanroom starts with discussions about the requirements, preferences and functionalities of the cleanroom. This identifies exactly what is needed and what is involved in the production. The process of customisation is initiated on this basis. It ensures that the work performed is streamlined and successful, and that the end result is a cleanroom that fully meets all requirements.

Are you interested in the options?

Would you like to know more about the customisation required for cleanrooms or what Maars can do for you? As a leading supplier of partition wall systems we know exactly what is involved in the development of a complete cleanroom according to the required standards. And because we have our own production, we are able to ‘fit’ perfectly suitable cleanrooms time and time again. Please get in touch for more information.

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