6 applications of the Halo pod

Flexibility is crucial in today’s dynamic office environments, where flexible workspaces, meeting spaces, and spacious office landscapes are the norm. However, providing a suitable answer to constantly changing office needs is always challenging. That is why Maars developed its Halo, a high-end office pod that takes the traditional office phone pod to the next level. Halo is the epitome of flexibility, but how can you use it? We are happy to explain.

1. Conventional phone pod for private conversations

Firstly, the Halo pod is the perfect phone pod for private, confidential conversations. Its superior sound insulation means the Halo is always soundproof, guaranteeing optimum privacy and making it the perfect spot for (confidential) (phone) conversations. This is especially useful for employees who need a quiet space for customer calls, for example.

2. A space for focused work

The Halo pod also offers a private workspace for focused work. Its acoustic design keeps out external noise, minimising distractions so employees can work efficiently. This is especially useful at busy times in open-plan offices, giving you an opportunity to withdraw to a space where you can do work that requires you to focus.

Alt tags: Een werkvloer met 4 Halo office pods en 4 personen die op de werkvloer lopen, waarvan 1 persoon een Halo office pod gebruikt.

3. Virtual meetings

Halo is also the perfect place for your virtual meetings. Its sound insulation facilitates clear communication during audio and video calls, without disruptions due to background noise. The integrated lighting and ventilation systems create a comfortable ambience for long virtual meetings, promoting focus and increasing productivity.

Halo 2 black side table

4. Halo’s modularity

Are you thinking of adapting your office space? Halo grows in step with you because of its modularity. The configuration of our Halo 1 can be easily adapted, if you prefer less or more glass walls or even closed walls, for example. The adaptable finishes ensure that your Halo pod combines functionality with style, seamlessly blending in with your current and future interior design.

5. Meetings with 2 to 4 participants

Halo is a great solution for virtual meetings because its modular design facilitates configurations that are suited to small in-person gatherings. Halo 1 can be easily extended into a Halo 2 or Halo 4, which can accommodate up to 2 or 4 people respectively. The office pod’s interior is ideally suited for brainstorming discussions or short team discussions, without disturbing the other people in the office.

Halo 4 office pod die bezet is door 3 personen

6. Temporary workspaces

The 6th application consists of a temporary office solution. Using Halo as a temporary, flexible workspace offers a fast response to changing needs, thanks to the easy adaptability and high level of mobility, a typical feature of the Halo office pod. The design configurations also come with several practical options, including individual desks or meeting tables, catering to a wide range of very different needs. You can select these options yourself in the Halo configurator.

Which applications work for you?

The Halo pod’s versatility makes it a great solution for a wide range of office needs, including private conversations, focused work, and the meetings of small teams. Do these applications provide the perfect answer to your office needs? Do you have questions? Get in touch with our experts for advice and further information.

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