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Surprising possibilities for integrated functions in wall systems

Our Living Options offers space efficiencies and creates streamlined, modern & functional working environments. The integration of the latest technologies in our walls makes our solutions truly come alive.


In today's world, digital technology has changed the way people utilize spaces. Maars offers a wide range of integrated multimedia that provides instant access to digital content in every wall elevation you need. You can make your business even more efficient with Maars Touch Control, use it to set up lighting, temperature, video presentations and so on. 

  • Media Walls
  • Sound Panels
  • Media Panels
  • Touch Control
Brochure Touch Control
  • Media Walls Media Walls
    This option can be expanded into a complete media centre to which you can connect a tablet or laptop. The media walls are also available with: Apple TV and Touch-screen technology
  • Sound Panels Sound Panels

    This innovation marks a new era in the realm of sound. High quality, fully integrated, invisible speaker system.

  • Media Panels Media Panels

    This media and Dolby Surround unit is suitable for any wall. Can also be used as freestanding panels in an open space


Unique designs and materials for a dynamic work environment and an architectural appearance.

  • Impressions/Fashion
  • Privacy Glass
  • Blinds
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Impressions/Fashion Impressions/Fashion

    Unique designs and materials for a dynamic work environment.

    • Digital prints on wood and steel walls
    • Natural materials in glass sheet
    • Images applied to glass
    • Sandblasted designs
    • Extensive range of different materials, such as textile, leather, felt and exotic types of veneer, etc.
    • Available in various colors, patterns and motifs

  • Privacy Glass Privacy Glass

    From transparent to instant privacy with one touch of a button. This LCD technology is available for glass walls and Flush glass doors.

  • Blinds Blinds
    • From maximum transparency to complete privacy
    • Horizontal blinds in various colors and designs
    • Manual or automatic operation
  • Dynamic Lighting Dynamic Lighting

    Give your glass wall your own look with seamless integrated LED.

    • Integrated LED lighting
    • From text display to complete light shows
    • Various light and color settings possible


Organize your wall for any required application with:

  • Storage Solutions
  • Flexible Organizer
  • Maars Magnetics
  • Storage Solutions Storage Solutions

    Fully integrated cupboards with a choice of wood or steel fronts.

  • Flexible Organizer Flexible Organizer

    Consoles fitted into the horizontal or vertical seam. Height-adjustable and suitable for hanging heavy materials, from bookshelves and desks to design displays.

  • Maars Magnetics Maars Magnetics

    An extensive range of magnetic accessories for Maars steel walls.

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Acoustic solutions

Acoustic performance within space is crucial for your performance, productivity and concentration. Maars offers a wide range of acoustic materials integrated in or mounted on the wall.

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breathing wall

Patented solution for ventilation through the wall without diminishing the acoustic performance. Seamlessly incorporated into the wall.

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