Steel wall partitions

Bring back visual & acoustic privacy in your interior

Nowadays transparancy and open space design are trending in interiors. However, experience learns that visual and acoustic privacy becomes an issue more and more in these surroundings. Confidential meetings and phone calls ask for concentration, silence and privacy. Create privacy offices with the steel wall partitions of Maars! 

Why steel walls?

A steel wall might not be the first option you think about, but steel walls have many advantages for interior design! Starting with impressive acoustic performance and fire resistancy. The steel wall can also be used as an alternative to the dry wall. 

All advantages of architectural steel walls: 

  • Sound insulation up to 60 dB 
  • Fire resistance up to EI 120
  • Durable & environmental friendly
  • Magnetic
  • Hygienic
  • Finishes: cladding with steel, fabric, wood etc.  
  • Fits in every architectural environment 
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Our steel product lines Metaline and String² are providing you with endless options in steel walls combined with high performances.

  • all-rounders thanks to versatility of material
  • seamless connections to single and double glazed walls
  • possibilities for integrating the Living Options
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Maximum values

  1. Height up to 8000 mm (26'-2 15/16'')
  2. Panel width up to 3000 mm (9'- 10"1/8)
  3. Thickness of 100 mm (4'') up to more than 200 mm (7 7/8'')
  4. Joints: 0 mm (0"), 5 mm (3/16'') and combination of  0 mm (0") and 5 mm (3/16'') possible
  5. All integrations of Living Options possible
  6. Seamless connections to glass partitions
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