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By choosing our Living Walls for your cladding you will experience many benefits, including; the same design on the existing walls as the partition walls, cooperation with one partner, fast finishing and therefore shorter construction time. Furthermore, any  damages can easily be repaired by replacing one or more panels. In the end, you hardly experience any loss of space because of the minimum thickness of our wall panels.

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High diversity of finishes in a variety of colors and designs:

  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • felt
  • Vinyl
  • HPL
  • Glass, optionally backed painted
  • Steel
  • Wood / veneer

Large variety of finishes including textiles, leather, upholstery, (back painted) glass, metal and wood. Glass, metal and wood can optionally be finished with printed images.

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Also cladding is very suitable for our Living Options range such as:

  • Multimedia; touch screen, Apple TV, etc.
  • Acoustic solutions; sound-absorbing panels
  • SmartElements; furniture with sound absorbing properties

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