The ultimate wall with ultimate values

This advanced steel wall system is a real all-rounder thanks to the versatility of the materials, glazing options and possibilities for integrating the Living Options program. Moreover, the String² wall system offers excellent fire and noise performance.

Advanced steel wall system

  1. Endless choices within the standard concept together with ultimate values
    • Sound proofing Up to 53 dB
    • Fire rating up to EI 120
    • Height up to 8000 mm (26'-2 15/16'')
  2. The most versatile wall in the world
    • Thickness of 100 mm (4'') up to more than 200 mm (7 7/8'')
    • Most flexible configuration
  3. All integrations of Living Options possible
  4. 0 mm, 5 mm (3/16'') and 0 mm in combination with 5 mm (3/16'') joint possible
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