Tuesday, October 23rd 2018. On this day Maars headquarters was celebrating the new future of the company. Together with Herman Miller, the new shareholders, board members and Maars employees, the new future was heralded and celebrated.

In numerous speeches, at the factory, various people spoke about the future and it was explained why everybody working at Maars is equally important for achieving success.

The moment was confirmed by raising the glasses with a simultaneous release of orange and red balloons, which came out of a giant 5 meter globe. The meaning of this moment: 'Welcome to the world of Maars'.

A new future also means closure of the past. During the event there was also a moment for the formal owner, Mr Loet Maars, who departed from the company.
Mr Maars, who lead the company for many years with passion, said during his speech he is confident with the new future of Maars with the new owners and wishes the company all the best.