Our steel walls are sleek, timeless, and elegant, giving a modern look to every space. Steel has endless possibilities and advantages, and can work in any project. 

Looking for a wall that adapts to any design, or has high performances on acoustics or fire-resistance? Is sustainability the top priority? A steel wall is your solution.
Our steel doors have the same advantages and possibilities as our steel walls. Closed walls in combination with steel doors score high for sound insulation and fire-resistance.
A steel wall can be combined with any of our partitioning systems, the connection between different panels is seamless. With a wide range of finishes, a steel wall can work in any interior space. 
In addition to the beautiful design of our steel walls, the walls also have bonus practical options and benefits. One benefit is that steel is magnetic. Even after finishing the steel with fabric for example, the wall is still magnetic. This is a welcome advantage in an office environment.

Steel walls are also easy to mount and even better: to demount and remount. This way, the walls can be reused and adapted to a new design, and will always work in your project.