A wall always has a function. Creating privacy, sound insulation, better acoustics, or a contribution to the aesthetics of a room. The advantages of a steel wall contribute to the purpose of a space. With this additional purpose our walls influence the nature of the space, which is why we call them “Living Walls”.

Steel wall panels are easy to clean and are inherently resistant to damage, so they can retain their beautiful and clean appearance for many years. 

Thanks to the magnetic advantages of our walls, paintings, photos and even fire extinguishers can be attached without glues or screws. The wall panels are available in different finishes and colors. One of these is the whiteboard finish, which really can bring a wall to life.

Steel walls are also perfect for use in laboratory environments, clean rooms, and places where cleanliness is required. The walls are non-porous and can be closed completely airtight.

The addition of an antibacterial coating can keep the steel walls even cleaner. Now more than ever, maintaining cleanliness is of utmost importance, and adding an antibacterial powder coating is a welcome addition to many spaces. It guarantees hygiene and ensures a safe and secure feeling for users.

Optimal functionality, and addition to the aesthetics and purpose of a room are possible with our "living walls".