Powder coat

Powder coat
The panels are available in 5 standard colors.

  • Light gray M7035
  • Green gray RAL 7009
  • Dark bronze XX068Z
  • Ocean blue RAL 5020
  • Black matte XX070Z

The perforated panels are also available in these 5 colors. The profiles for the steel frame are available in the same colours except for Ocean blue.

Textile & Felt

For some extra warmth there are options to choose for fabric or felt finishes. The panels are available in 4 standard colors of fabric and 2 standard colors of felt. The base panel where the fabric is applied on is matt black.


  • Maharam Messenger 046
  • Maharam Messenger 079
  • Maharam Merit 001
  • Maharam Merit 043


  • Kvadrat Divina MD 0713
  • Kvadrat Divina MD 0213

Special finishes

Besides powder coat and textiles M923. has the option to apply special functional panels in the wall.

  • Marker board 
  • Cork 
  • Reindeer moss
  • Flat moss 
  • Perforated-semi transparent*

*The perforated panels are available in the 5 powder coat colors.