Partition walls based on worldwide inspiration

'Continually reinvent yourself. Because you see new possibilities. To be more than the separation between two rooms. To mean more for users and visitors. More in aesthetic experience and personal comfort. In job satisfaction, well-being and ease of use of multimedia. With Maars Living Walls we continually add new depth and scale to the understanding of the term "wall system".'

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Maars innovations in partition walls 

  • lalinea: partition wall with ground-breaking minimalist design, featuring consistent lines, maximum transparency and adjustability plus high stability
  • Sleek and flat design with optional use of flush glazing
  • Patented click system for endless, screw-free assembly
  • Link to elements with zero-joins or a visible joins
  • Integrated Living Options, such as Dolby Surround sound, Dynamic Lighting, Design options, Organisers, Magnetics, climate control, acoustic and sound insulation

Innovative partition walls based on worldwide inspiration

Trough out the years, Maars has traveled the globe with a mind that is completely open to influences from different cultures. Maars has now transformed the wealth of inspiration and admiration it drew from this exercise into many new and innovative partition walls. By combining it with integrated functions such as audio, touch screens and ventilation, the partition wall transcends its own status. Other dimensions of the partition wall begin to play a role which provide that indefinable sense of wellbeing. For instance, Maars has studied the effects on people of thousands of different colours and of the use of materials such as wood, leather, textiles, glass or steel.


Maars supplies a large variety of doors, from standard doors to specially developed doors with fire resistance up to 60 minutes and acoustic insulation values up to 44 dB.

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