Glass wall system by Maars

Transparency in the work environment by the use of glass wall systems is not only a way to promote an organisation's corporate culture, enhance the visual contact between employees and facilitate new, flexible ways of working. Transparency also creates optimum daylight conditions in the workplace. Research has shown this has a positive impact on our overall sense of well-being and therefore on our productivity.

sense of freedom

Maars puts a lot of creativity and functionality into its use of glass partition walls to create the ideal workspace. Be inspired by the wide range of single and double glass partition walls; Horizon, Panorama, String² & lalinea. The maximum transparency creates an unparalleled sense of freedom and space.


Transparent design

Maars offers glass partition walls with various degrees of transparency. Consider panels of sandblasted glass, integrated blinds or switchable privacy glass. Logos, images & custom graphics can also be applied to our glass partition with the help of film or screen printing. The Maars glass wall systems reach high values in soundproofing for maximum privacy.

Privacy & acoustics

Maars glass walls are very "closed" in one respect: the soundproofing values are so high that acoustic comfort is guaranteed. The Panorama, String² and also the lalinea glass wall are compatible with a range of solid wall systems. Maars offers seamless connection in every possible combination reaching sound insulation values up to 55dB. 

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reference projects

Get inspired

Integrations: Living Options

Our powder coating installation enables us to provide steel panels and sections in any colour. Also wood, veneer, fabric and leather are available in many different colours, making it possible to create a look and feel which perfectly reflect your needs and the character of the organisation.

The solid wall panels allow for the integration of light, air, visuals, sound and climate control, such as our patented ventilation studs, dolby surround panels and in-wall multimedia flat-screens. In our Living Options program you will find the many surprising options. In the transparent office, you feel like there are no boundaries.

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