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​Our worldwide dealer network uses, just like Maars, the newest software to draw, calculate and order our interior wall solutions. To make maximum use of the new software and the Maars possibilities professional training and support is required. Contact us to find out if you're qualified to join the Maars 4D Training.


The interactive Maars 4D training is meant for technical and commercial Maars specialists who will sell and present and/or make drawings, calculations, materials lists, orders, etc.

The basic training not only provides skill to work with Maars 4D, but is an interactive 3 full days training combined with knowledge about all Maars’ products.

We provide four kinds of training:

  1. Basic training
  2. Repetition of the basic training
  3. Refresher training or advanced lessons
  4. Personal guidance lessons

13 - 14 September: Basic training (Dutch)

1 - 3 October: Basic training + product training (English)

15-16 November: Basic training (German)

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We also offer the opportunity to join live webinars. This way you can follow lessons while working from your own office.

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  • Real situation Real situation
  • Render Maars 4D Render Maars 4D
  • Real situation Real situation
  • Render Maars 4D Render Maars 4D


Maars 4D is a program produced by Configura, CET Designer. CET Designer  is a space-planning software which allows the user to design a space with just your products.

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