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Do modular walls actually have any boundaries? That is the question which occupies Maars these days. The way Maars sees it, the highest quality standards go without saying, so they are not the nal destination. Maars creates in partnership with the world’s most visionary architects. Looking for new possibilities. 

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Benefits of Maars partion walls in airports

  • The best solution for frequent rebuilding thanks to flexibility and modularity, as proven worldwide by Maars
  • Meet the strict code requirements in terms of safety, security and fire-ratings
  • Integrated Living Options; multimedia, access control, climate control, acoustic and sound privacy
  • Create transparency within a secure environment
  • Suitable for tall spaces such as airport atriums

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Airport partition walls

For all the requested criteria, Maars offers suitable solutions:

  • Freestanding walls
  • Maximum stability
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • Unique acoustic insulation properties
  • Cladding options in metal/wood/glass
  • Stainless steel panels and doors
  • Configuring control towers
  • Options for access control
  • Sound absorbing panels
  • Mounting systems designed for heavy loads


Maars supplies a large variety of doors, from standard doors to specially developed doors with fire resistance up to 60 minutes and acoustic insulation values up to 44 dB.

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