acoustic walls

Most comprehensive range of acoustic performing wall and door solutions in the world

Maars always has a listening ear. The most important thing is that a room has to beperfectly sound proof and absorb the sound. With our specially designed sound-proofingand acoustic systems, the sound and the acoustic damping can be fully tuned to thedesign and the location. This is the fundamental basis which makes a room pleasant to bein.


  • In-House laboratory for developing ultimate solutions
  • The acoustic walls and door modules are tested in our In-House test laboratory and in certified laboratories in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards
  • Sound insulation > 60 dB

In-house sound insulation test

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Sound absorption walls

  • Perforated wood or steel surfaces that make the wall absorb the sound
  • Different perforation designs possible, like micro perforation and slots
  • Integrated steel cassettes to further increase sound insulation

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sound absorption panels

  • Separate units which can be applied on the wall
  • Also suitable on glass walls
  • Special filling providing 100% absorption
  • Stretched cloth with specific acoustic properties
  • Available in perforated steel or covered with open fabric

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